Front Office Training

Front Office

The Front Office in a hotel is considered as the nerve centre and would typically consist of the lobby, reception, concierge, bell desk, cashier in a large scale hotel where the front office processes include reservations, room allocation, guest registration, check-in, guest requirement and guest tracking, meal plan report generation, cancellation of reservations and no show, check out. Being the most visible part the front office creates the first impression of the hotel and sets the tone for the guest’s stay.

The Front Office management courses at SLITHM are designed to provide students with sound technical and social skills to enable them to perform Hotel front office operations.Students who register under the 3 year Management Diploma will be able to understand the fundamentals of the front office department, product characteristics, and communication ethics in relation to front office department to basic systems and procedures of front office and back office to ensure the smooth operation and on successful completion join the junior management level position in a star class hotel.