SLITHM takes hospitality training to Kuliyapitiya

The SLITHM Hospitality Training Center – Kuliyapitiya will be commencing operations at No 122, Lionel Jayathilake Mawatha, Kuliyapitiya.

The 1 month Apprenticeship Program offered at the new center aims to build basic skills of youth seeking employment under different fields of Hospitality and Tourism sectors.

English, German, Japanese, Korean, French and Chinese languages will be offered under 3 month Language Courses which will undoubtedly benefit those seeking foreign employment.

SLITHM is the pioneer education provider in the Hospitality and Tourism sector. The establishment of this training center will further strengthen its ability in catering the ever demanding man power requirement of the Hospitality and Tourism sector.

For more information contact
SLITHM, Kurunegala, Maguruoya Watta, Boyagane, Kurunagala.
TP : 037 2223959, Fax : 037 2225953, E – mail :

Courses Held at
SLITHM Hospitality Training Center (Kuliyapitiya), No 122, Lionel Jayathilaka Mawatha, Kuliyapitiya.