Welfare Activities

1) Sports Activities

The Sports Day will be held bi-annually. This allows student participation for both intakes i.e. those entering the Institute during the first half and the second half of the year respectively. These events are organized with an aim to build team work among students and to develop their competencies and leadership qualities.

2) Social Responsibilities Activities

Both student intakes are also encouraged to actively participate in programs which promote social responsibility. These include:

  • Shramadana campaigns
  • A Blood Donation campaign or
  • Other similar programs such as:

Visiting Children’s Orphanages, Elders’ Homes and Hospitals to donate dry rations, clothing and spend time with the inmates

3) Other Activities

The Welfare Committee of the Institute has also drawn up plans to provide scholarships to gifted students of the SLITHM (Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism & Hotel Management). This is aimed at providing financial assistance to those from a less privileged background to help them continue with their studies. In addition, the donation of a TV set and a water purification system to the cafeteria was installed to uplift the welfare facilities for the students and staff members. Another proposal in the pipeline is the provision of stationery, for students either on cost basis or at a subsidized rate. Furthermore, discussions have also been held on the provision of tea for students at cost or at a subsidized price.