Student Placements

Upon completion of academic sessions, students are given the opportunity to undergo training at one of the leading star class city hotels or resort hotels. Industrial training enables them to put into practice theoretical knowledge acquired at Hotel School. Monetarily, they also receive a payment for their services during the training period. Individual personal development in areas such as leadership, taking initiatives and team work can ensue.

Hotels and Resorts also have the opportunity to guide these young students in their initial foray into the Hospitality Industry. Work placement for students can be categorized as follows:

  • Short Term or Part Time Placement
  • Industrial Training (IT) 6 Months
  • Internship ( 6 Months)
  • Work Placement after completing the programme

Short Term/Part Time Placement

During the academic semester, students get an opportunity to participate in functions and events organized by Hotels. These usually take place after school hours or during weekends. Students are paid an allowance for their services.

Industrial Training (IT)

Students undergoing IT work in a Hotel in line with their area of specialization. For example, students who have completed a course in Hotel Reception may have the opportunity to gain employment in the Front Office department of a Hotel. Students will receive a reasonable salary for their services.


This category affords the student the opportunity to work in different department of the Hotel over a period of time. The total internship period is six months and students will receive remuneration during their stint.

Work Placement after Completing the Programme

Students can elect to work in Hotels and Resorts using their area of specialization and skills acquired. Remuneration is on par with industry standards including service charge.