Visit Gems in Sri Lanka

by Nimesh Shamalaka Fernanado

From the time immemorial to present tourists from all over the world have found Sri Lanka, the resplendent isle, a gem of an exotic isle. Sri Lanka’s mineral rich soils have been yielding a seemingly never ending supply of high quality precious and semiprecious gems Known as the “Jewel Box of the Indian Ocean”. The name Ratnadvipa was the Sanskrit name used by the ancients because of Sri Lanka’s gemstones (Ratna-gems, dvipa-island).

Legend says that King Solomon in Biblical times brought gems from this ‘Paradise Isle’ to woo the heart and win the hand of queen Sheba. Another historical reference of Aryan period two kings namely Chulodhara and Mahodara fought for the possession of a thorn of gems and the Lord Buddha arrived from India to resolve this royal dispute. Princess Diana, another controversial royal who was also the wife of the present Prince of Wales, chose a magnificent Sri Lankan 12 carat Blue Sapphire ring for her engagement.

It is an accepted fact that Sri Lanka is one of the largest sources of the finest gemstones in the world. A few of the priceless treasures, whose origins are traceable to Sri Lanka are Largest Blue sapphire in the world (466cts), Blue Belle of Asia (400cts), world largest star sapphire (563cts), Star of Lanka (393cts), world largest Star Ruby (138.7) and the beautiful world largest cat’s eye (171cts) in Smithsonian Institute in U.S.A.

Marco Polo wrote of his visit in 1292 “I want you to understand that the island of Ceylon is, for its size, the finest island in the world and from its streams come Rubies, Sapphires, Topazes, Amethyst and Garnet.” Apart from the all gem verities found in Sri Lanka not so common verities such as Sinhalite, Kornerupine, Andalucite and Scapolite also yielding where as world’s rarest gems are endemic to the island such as Ekanite, Axinite, Phenakite, Rutile , Dandurite, Taaffeite, Fluorite …

Today Sri Lanka considered as the fastest developing diamond and gem cutting and finishing center in the world as evidenced by the number of Swiss precision watch makers who use Sri Lankan-cut gems. You will buy the real gems at the best lowest price than any other country sell and offer you precious and exquisite gem set jewellery of the 100% handcrafted traditions along with fascinating modern design. Government has declared that duties and taxes free on gem export and import in order to indulge in more profits on business.

Visit the pearl in the necklace of India where the traveler is surrounded by the aquamarine water when golden sand contour the little island in the sun. Wake up to the call of indigenous birds, Take in the moist air of a rainforest. Spending an afternoon in the presence of snoozing leopards and bathing elephants. Watch an amorous peacock dance against the flaming sunset. As night falls end the adventure and prepare to get the year- around experience of buying gems from the morning onwards.