House Keeping

Housekeeping is one of the most important parts of the guest experience and its impact on the success of a hotel cannot be underestimated.

The quality of the housekeeping staff’s work and the operation is crucial in shaping a guest’s memories of their stay and cleanliness and presentation of rooms in addition to Housekeeping’s ability to meet high demands plays a key role in guest satisfaction and the generation of repeat guests.

In order to mold the students to meet the industry standards of Hotel Housekeeping, SLITHM offers courses at Craft level, Certificate and Intermediate level housekeeping to train students with the required practical knowledge and skills to take up employment in the hospitality industry locally and abroad presenting a systematic approach to managing housekeeping operations and providing a thorough overview, from the big picture of maintaining a quality staff, planning, and organizing, to the technical details of cleaning each area of a hospitality facility.

Our Advance level Accommodation Operations course is designed to educate, train and develop students who possess the necessary entry level Housekeeping knowledge and skills and thus who seek and aspire to be professionals in the field of Hospitality.