Food and Beverage

Food & Beverage

We all interact with the food and beverage industry, whether it is as staff or as a customer. F & B courses at SLITHM has been designed to give an insight into the industry and the skills required for obtaining employment in Cafes, Hotels, Bars or Restaurants.

Students are provided with the knowledge for effective management of food service operations, while presenting the basic service principles and highlighting the importance of meeting and exceeding the needs of the guest.

The F & B service courses and the diploma at SLITHM prepare students to take up jobs in the hospitality industry at 3 exit levels; operative grade jobs, supervisory grade jobs & junior management grade jobs with a more practical approach to training.

The skills you attain from our courses will always be there and help you stay employable where ever you are. Restaurants and Hotels are always searching for dependable, professional staff that are able to provide the high level of service that is highly expected from the hospitality industry.