Certified Hospitality Finance & Management Accountants Professional Qualification


Through the conduct of this professional qualification CHFMA, all those currently employed in the hospitality industry at different levels in the financial, accounting and management accounting sector will be provided the opportunity to obtain a professional qualification specializing in the Hospitality Industry where they will be able to develop the knowledge and skills of those in the accounting and allied fields. This will help the Hospitality industry in its rapid growth and development to build a sustainable pool of qualified accountants, audit staff and finance staff required for the industry.

The ultimate aim of this programme will be to produce specialized accounting professionals for the hospitality industry. In addition to the educational programme all those registered for the course should undergo a practical training of a minimum of 3 years in the hospitality industry as per the laid down Practical Training Guidelines under a Mentor.


Structure and course contents

CHFMA membership requires completion of CHFMA examinations and a three-year practical experience requirement as per the Practical Training guide, in the hospitality industry, Viva Voce and any other criteria laid down by the Management Committee of CHFMA. Those successful will be identified as members who are qualified Professional Accountants in the Hospitality Industry with the designation “ACHFMA” for Associates. Those with a minimum of 5 years senior executive experience after obtaining ACHFMA will be designated “FCHFMA” for “Fellow”, showing their commitment to high ethical standards, professional values, and lifelong learning and continuing professional development.

Awarding of certificates at each level

Level Program Duration (Months) Name of Certificate
1 Foundation 6 Foundation Certificate in Accounting
2 Certificate 6 Certificate in Hospitality Finance and Management Accounting
3 Diploma 12 Diploma in Hospitality Finance and Management Accounting
4 Professional 12 Certified Hospitality Finance and Management Accountant
With 3 years work experience in the Hospitality industry as per Practical Training Guide Associate of CHFMA ACHFMA Designation
With minimum 5 Years Senior Executive experience Fellow of CHFMA FCHFMA Designation

The CHFMA programme will be conducted at the SLITHM premises in Colombo. The examinations will also be conducted in these premises.

For More information, please visit http://www.cma-srilanka.org/certified-hospitality-finance-and-management-accountants-professional-qualification.html

How to Apply?

Application Forms can be obtained from following link DOWNLOAD or from Registrars’ Office.

Contact Registrars Office on 011-2382210 or registrar@slithm.edu.lk to obtain information on course commencement dates.

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