SLITHM takes hospitality training to Jaffna

Hospitality training to Jaffna

In a strategic move to counter the shortage of trained hospitality industry personnel, the State-run Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (SLITHM) opened a new training facility in Jaffna recently.

The new facility aims at training youth to take up lucrative jobs in the hospitality industry. Several hotels have opened up in the northern region in the recent past and many more are under construction at present. However, the hotel industry in the region has been faced with a dilemma due to the acute shortage of trained personnel to operate these hotels at an acceptable standard. Continue reading “SLITHM takes hospitality training to Jaffna”

SLITHM looking to raise hospitality training to world class standards

Hospitality Training Standards

The country’s premier hospitality training institution, the Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and Hospitality Management (SLITHM) is collaborating with the World University Service of Canada in curriculum development and many other areas. WUSC is currently managing two specially designed programs in Sri Lanka in association with SLITHM, namely Advancing Specialised Skills for Economic Transformation (ASSET) and Uniterra, based on the shared values of improving quality education in the tourism sector.

SLITHM is the only state educational institution in the tourism and hospitality sector with eight schools across Sri Lanka and is committed to providing high quality education in travel and tourism by constantly adapting to the evolving needs of Sri Lanka’s tourism industry. The end result is that SLITHM graduates are provided holistic training that equips them to provide the highest quality hospitality service.

In this regard WUSC and SLITHM have had an extremely fruitful partnership in developing English syllabi at the craft, certificate, intermediate and advanced levels. These syllabi not only outline high quality English language education, but are also tailored toward the real needs of Sri Lanka’s tourism industry, with specific terminologies and pronunciation. In addition to English syllabi, WUSC’s involvement has allowed for the development of a French syllabus at the certificate level as well as content on French wines and cuisine with proper pronunciation and terminology.

“Language skills are essential in the tourism industry. Knowledge in commonly spoken languages like English and French allow SLITHM’s graduates to work much more productively by easing communication gaps between industry professionals and tourists,” said SLITHM Chairman Sunil Dissanayake. Going above and beyond curriculum development, WUSC volunteers have worked with SLITHM lecturers and staff to ensure that programs are delivered in an effective manner with modern and innovative teaching methods that focus on oral and listening activities in order to create a more meaningful and dynamic learning environment.

“By both developing material and ensuring quality implementation through the provision of native English and French speaking volunteers, WUSC facilitated the creation of high quality language programs that equip students with the language skills necessary for their future careers,” observed SLITHM Director General Buddika Hewawasam.

WUSC’s Uniterra program has worked closely with the Koggala campus of SLITHM, sponsoring 460 students’ course fees, uniforms and travel. WUSC’s support for the Koggala campus has amounted to approximately Rs. 10.6 million. In order to further improve the language skills of SLITHM students, WUSC has sponsored the introduction of language learning software, DynEd, including installation and fees associated with the program. In addition, WUSC provided the relevant electronic devices needed to run the DynEd software.

In addition WUSC has contributed to SLITHM Anuradhapura through employment-based training targeting 100 unemployed youths from Puttalam district. This group was trained at craft-level in Food and Beverage, Housekeeping, and Cookery Assistance, allowing them to be employed in top-level hotels in the area.

SLITHM is also partnering WUSC’s ASSET program which is focused on the shortage of skilled labour in specific sectors of the economy, including hospitality and tourism. At the Passikudah campus of SLITHM, WUSC’s contribution involves working to attract individuals to programs by helping to overcome challenges. Transportation and daily costs of attending SLITHM’s training programs are common challenges rural students face and are one aspect of how WUSC works with SLITHM to boost the tourism industry.

The WUSC-SLITHM partnership has also helped to solve other problems such as lack of information and language barriers. Another factor that has helped tackle many challenges has been WUSC’s large regional network which SLITHM can access to promote its programs and attract new people.

Recently, through partnership with ASSET, SLITHM has been able to open the first hospitality-training institute in Jaffna. This will combat unemployment in the area and meet the growing need for highly trained hospitality and tourism professionals in the region.

By taking down barriers to education in the tourism industry and aiding in creating awareness regarding the industry, WUSC and SLITHM are working towards growing Sri Lanka’s tourism sector as a whole, which is now a vital sector in the Sri Lankan economy

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E-News Letter, SLITHM

On its successful publication, Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and hotel Management (SLITHM) has proudly organized the 1st “SLITHM-TALK” as a Newsletter. Being one of the most important events on SLITHM Publishing and providing an arena to share and communicate valuable knowledge, experience and news finding of community working in a variety of areas.

The theme of the 1st issue of the SLITHM Newsletter was formulated to address the special events and programmes that happened from January to August 2017 This the theme reads, “SLITHM- TALK” of the SLITHM: Hospitality Training and Development towards sustainable Sri Lanka Tourism industry.

This has serious concern with educational responsibility of SLITHM, as the only government training institute of tourism and Hospitality. With increasing concerns over sustainable development, SLITHM with all provincial schools are expected to be engaged more in activities and service that support community and Human resource development.

Our Chief, administrators, Chairman Mr.Sunil Dissanayake and Director General Mr. Buddika Hewawasam who are prominent intellectuals with vast academic and administrative experience helped us to make this newsletter a success.

This newsletter presents an exceptional opportunity for discernment on industry, news events and activities by SLITHM. “SLITHM-TALK” Newsletter would not have seen the light of the day without the commitment and assistance from our precious publication committee members and other members of SLITHM, reviewers, editors and the publisher.


Salzburg Hotel School Doubles Scholarships

One of the world’s leading hospitality training institutions, the Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (ITH) in Salzburg, Austria has doubled its annual quota of scholarships for SLITHM students due to ‘high performance and commitment’.

With this development Sri Lanka’s premier hospitality industry trainer, Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (SLITHM) continues to lead the way in holistic hospitality training and education through its liaisons with leading foreign institutions.

These international connections which have been nurtured over a long period of time have opened up unique opportunities for SLITHM students to receive training in reputed foreign institutions. As a result, SLITHM’s foreign scholarship programme for high performers has spawned many well rounded hospitality professionals who today serve the country with distinction.

SLITHM has had a longstanding relationship with the Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (ITH) Salzburg, Austria. Being one of the leading hospitality educational institutions in Europe, its programmes are highly sought after and have won world acclaim.

ITH which is based in Salzburg, Austria offers 30 scholarships annually to Asian and African countries, allocating two scholarships for each country. ITH first made available these year-long scholarships to SLITHM way back in 2005 and since then many Sri Lankan students have benefitted from the experience and expertise gathered from one of Europe’s top hotel schools.

This year ITH has doubled its scholarship offering to four seats in consideration of the high performance and commitment displayed by SLITHM students and on a personal request made by the German Language Lecturer at SLITHM, Damayanthi Sudasinghe.

According to Chairman, SLITHM, Sunil Dissanayake, “Our aim is to increase the Austrian scholarship quota up to 10 seats next year.”

This year SLITHM has selected four of its top students to avail of this unique opportunity. Based on performance criteria these students have been selected from the main campus in Colombo and in Bandarawela. The ITH program consists of theoretical sessions (8 months), teacher training (1 month) followed by industrial training (3 months) in reputed star class hotels in Austria.

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Health and Wellness

The newly-formed Tourism Event Management Unit of Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (SLITHM) kicked off the first in a series of training programs on ‘Health and Wellness Tourism’ primarily targeting the Ayurvedic sector. The institute launched a series of workshops and training programs aimed at uplifting the tourism business operational knowledge, skills and competencies of industry stakeholders, where participants will be issued a certificate at the completion of the workshop. The program content and resource persons will be sourced through joint collaboration of SLITHM, industry professionals, academia and relevant regulatory authorities.

SLITHM hosts (PATA) youth symposium

SLITHM hosts (PATA) youth symposium

The Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA) youth symposium was held on 18th May 2017 at the Auditorium of Sri Lanka Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management (SLITHM). The event was supported by the Sri Lanka Convention Bureau. PATA is a nonprofit association founded in 1951 and is acclaimed for taking a leading role in the responsible development of Travel and Tourism sector within the Asia Pacifc Region. Continue reading “SLITHM hosts (PATA) youth symposium”